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Selected Publications

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Luo, H., S.Y. Hong, R.M. Sgambelluri, E. Angelos, X. Li, and J.D. Walton (201x) Peptide macrocyclization catalyzed by a prolyl oligopeptidase involved in α-amanitin biosynthesis. Chem Biol., in press.



U. S. 5,973,229 "Gene encoding herbicide safener binding protein". Inventors: J.D. Walton and J.S. Scott-Craig. Issued October 26, 1999.

The Big Muscaria - Berkeley CA

The Big Muscaria - Berkeley CA

Communing with Conocybe (picture by H. Hallen)

Communing with Conocybe (picture by H. Hallen)

GLBRC open house with Governor Jennifer Granholm

GLBRC open house with Governor Jennifer Granholm

MPMI Symposium 2009, Quebec

MPMI Symposium 2009, Quebec

Pressing pinot noir at the Martin Ray winery, 1979

Pressing pinot noir at the Martin Ray winery, 1979

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Orchids at Machu Pichu

Monte Bianco, Italy

Monte Bianco, Italy